Keeping track

I don’t know about everyone else, but Twitter sometimes seems like a vast wave sweeping over me, carrying all sorts of treasure that I snatch at but can’t hold on to. I’ve tried using likes and bookmarks to keep track of the things I want to come back to later but it never really works as I can’t organise them logically enough to find easily several months, or years, later.

As well as that, very few of my real life colleagues are on Twitter, so I need a way of sharing the wonderful things I find on here with them. Teachers on Twitter are so generous with their time and ideas and I’d love to be able to spread these as widely as possible.

With all of this in mind, I decided to spend some of my half-term expanding my blog to try to categorise the useful ideas, links and resources I’ve amassed from Twitter and elsewhere in a sensible easy-to-find format. Hopefully in time this will develop into a useful resource for other English teachers to use.

I’d be super grateful for help with this. Please suggest any links that you think I should add to the various pages on the site as well as suggesting topics for new pages.

Thanks very much



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